Like 1g,2g, 3g. Now we are about to enter 5g radial frequency. Many are very excited about this technology reports also say that we can download a full movie in 3 min. Many economics are not happy with this technology because this can be very harmful.

1g, 2g, 3g, 4g uses between 1to 6GHz
5g will use between 24 to 90GHz. The higher the frequency higher the risk.

This can deform your DNA and burn your skin also.

5g frequency

The famous activist researcher David Icke recently revealed that the human body is like an antenna it acts like receptors it reacts to different frequencies.

Through our daily observation, we can see most of the people are confused and depressed this is due to mobile tower and wifi frequency.

The receptors in the brain transmit messages to the body parts through electric impulse it affects a lot on our brain.

5g radiations

AS observed by the scientist, when people return after spending their vacation on a hill station or far from cities. They get suffocated and be in some sort of confusion or we can better name it as mentally imbalanced due to this frequency.

As per the scientist’s research/tests, there is a specific frequency by which our emotions can be controlled (at a certain frequency, we cry, feel happy ).

This experiment is also tested by the US military also.

They made two groups and locked them in different rooms, in-room “A” they kept on changing the frequency high to low and in-room “B” it was kept normal.

5g techonology
Group A and Group B

It was observed that the room A in which frequency kept on changing, people in that room started fighting and got irritated easily whenever the frequency was high. On the other hand Room B in which there were no changes in the frequency, everything was normal.

The biggest problem in 5g is that it cannot pass through the solid objects easily if we observe in our daily life we can see that the wifi frequency keep on decreasing when it had to pass through obstacles, to overcome this problem and to let the 5g signal pass through the objects/walls/obstacles they have installed thousands of transmitters around a signal tower.

In many countries, trees have been cut down so that the 5g signal should not face any problem. If it is passing it leaves a mark on it and has a look at the video below.

5g side effects

One side of the tree is completely burned and the other is absolutely fine this is the reason for cutting down trees in many countries.

The proposal is given that 20,000+ satellites will be set out in the orbit because the speed of the 5g is going to be in a range that these satellites will be transmitting the 5g frequency from the orbit.

  20,000+ 5G Satellites
20,000+ 5G Satellites

Many scientists and environmentalists have said that this 5g is very very toxic that it can’t be kept in the civilized areas.

Well, it also has some advantages it can be useful for the corporate offices for the work.

But for a common man, this will be very harmful it can cause many problems like mood swings, skin burn, and even DNA deformation.

effects of 5g in human body

It is said that this technology can also be used by the government to control the areas under threat by simply changing the frequency of that area to distract the attackers.


This is not the only way by which a person’s mind can be controlled, there are many ways like RFID CHIP.


This chip will be inserted in the human body which will have all the personal information and their bank details will be linked to this RFID CHIP and government will have full access on it, this has already started in many countries and the results can be dangerous. Stay tunned for this topic will be published soon.